was established in late 2009 / early 2010 by five writers whose combined experience in the custom essay writing business adds up to more than 75 years. The aim is simple: to provide the most professional and reliable custom essay service in the world.

We’ve worked on both sides of the business: as writers, and as administrators. We’ve seen the sometimes shocking lack of professionalism and accountability that goes on in this industry, and we’re going to make sure that stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

When we set up, we knew that two things were particularly important: getting the right writers, and making sure customers receive a good, reliable and reactive service. Hiring good writers was not too hard, since we already had extensive contacts, many of whom were more than happy to sign up with us. Evolving a good customer service department was a little bit more tricky, but we’ve taken the best of what’s been around before and (we think) made it ten times better.

We don’t make any claims on our website that we don’t back up with action. The fact is, the custom essay industry is riddled with scams and fraud, and the few decent sites have to struggle to stand out. However, we believe that the basics of any operation still apply: provide a great service at a great price, and customers will be happy.

We’re a fully British site, with only British writers. Already, that marks us out from many of our competitors. When you order an essay or dissertation from us, you know that your writer will be British, and will have a Masters degree from a British university. And since we know that different customers have different expectations, we’ve built flexibility into our system: you can contact your writer directly, discuss the work, ask for daily updates, really get dug in; or you can sit back and just wait for the work to appear in your inbox.

Finally, we welcome your comments and suggestions for how we can improve our service. Just let us know at any stage of your order if there’s something you think we could be doing better.

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You can use our contact page to get in touch. The form also has details of our postal address, but we prefer e-mail communication.